53: Hot Fuzz

In this episode of Geek Cinema Society, Brett Stewart, David Luzader, Nicole Davis, and their guest, Derek Glascock, delve into 2007’s ‘Hot Fuzz.’

We’ve had a blast here at Geek Cinema Society, working from our list of influential geek films, and glad to have you listeners come along on our journey. We hope you’ll come on over to check out our new podcast, Movie-Go-Round, with new themes in rotation and expansion into other genres. For our final episode at GCS, we wanted to go with a beloved geeky film, and think we found a winner with Hot Fuzz! Join Nicole, Brett, David, and guest Derek Glascock of the Wild Pitch podcast as we take a look at Edgar Wright’s tribute to and spin on buddy-cop action movies. We ask such questions as, Is Wright a good action director? How many bits of foreshadowing can you possibly pack into one movie? How many British celebrities can you spot? And most importantly, have you ever fired two guns in the air whilst yelling “Aaahhhh”?

That’s a wrap! See you at Movie-Go-Round! Be sure to subscribe to the new program!

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