52: Avatar

In this episode of Geek Cinema Society, Brett Stewart, David Luzader, Nicole Davis, and their guest, David Ginsburg, delve into 2009’s ‘Avatar.’

“Genre” films (sci-fi, fantasy, horror) often get looked at as second-class movies, but in adjusted dollars, they make up five of the top 10 highest grossing movies of all time. In UNadjusted dollars, there are seven. And the top grosser, by far, is James Cameron’s “Avatar.” This episode, Brett, David, Nicole, and guest David Ginsburg from the Tales of the Fandom podcast take a close look at this visually spectacular, star-studded, trope-filled, and extremely, excruciatingly long motion picture. We also explore such questions as, why Sam Worthington? How does this movie manage to vilify and glorify the military at the same time? How does Jake learn an entire alien language in three months flat? And…Unobtanium? Seriously?

For listeners who would like to follow along and treat Geek Cinema Society as a film club of sorts, we will be watching ‘Hot Fuzz’ next.

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