44: Demolition Man

In this episode of Geek Cinema Society, Brett Stewart, Nicole Davis, David Luzader, and their guest, Dominic Cichocki, delve into 1993’s ‘Demolition Man.’

It’s a perfect world fifteen years from now, where the police’s toughest job is ticketing bad language and graffiti. Uh-oh, a frozen criminal played by Wesley Snipes got defrosted and is wreaking mayhem on the city! How can we stop him? By defrosting the Demolition Man, a rogue nekkid cop played by Sylvester Stallone, obvs. And who’s the perfect cultural babysitter for him? Sandra Bullock at maximum perkiness, of course. This episode, David, Brett, Nicole, and returning guest Dominic Cichocki dive into this mess of seashells, Taco Bell sauce, and virtual sex to see if we can’t find its redeeming features (hint: they are hard to find).

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