40: Flash Gordon

In this episode of Geek Cinema Society, Nicole Davis, David Luzader, and their guest, Brian Guthrie, delve into 1980’s ‘Flash Gordon.’

He’ll save every one of us – it’s the subject of episode 40, Flash Gordon! Starring a dude plucked straight from ‘The Dating Game’ and surrounded by powerhouse actors camping it up, this film is a glorious cauldron of enthusiastic (if not always exactly good) performances, extraordinary production design, and the dross on the bottom that is the god awful script. Come join Nicole, Brett, David, and our guest John Murray of SNL Afterparty as we contemplate Dale’s puzzling instant love for Flash, Flash’s tiny prison shorts, and the magnificence of Brian Blessed as Vultan of the Hawkmen. With Queen fueling the soundtrack, you know Flash will run his rocket into the end zone to score a win for this movie. Go, Flash, go!

For listeners who would like to follow along and treat Geek Cinema Society as a film club of sorts, we will be watching ‘Starship Troopers’ on Saturday! Following that, we’ll be watching ‘Spirited Away.’

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