20: Labyrinth (Live Special)

In this episode of Geek Cinema Society, Brett Stewart, Nicole Davis, David Luzader, and their guest, Chelsea Anderson, delve into 1986’s ‘Labyrinth.’ Starring the late, great David Bowie, this fantasy film is one of the most beloved classics in the geek community. Does it stand the test of time? Given that the film has been a running joke on Geek Cinema, the panel did this show live! Visit the Blazing Caribou YouTube to view it.

Toby, the Baby from ‘Labyrinth,’ Grows Up to Be a Goblin King – in Portland

Lazarus music video

For listeners who would like to follow along and treat Geek Cinema Society as a film club of sorts, we will be watching ‘The Martian’ next week! Following that, we’ll be watching ‘Re-Animator.’

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