12: NeverEnding Story

In this episode of Geek Cinema Society, Brett Stewart, Nicole Davis, David Luzader, and their guest, Nate Ward, delve into 1984’s ‘The NeverEnding Story.‘ This classic fantasy film follows the adventure of Atreyu through the land of Fantastia as he attempts to stop the darkness taking hold of it. His journey is followed closely by Bastion, a young boy hunkered down in a school’s attic profusely reading to find out happens next to Atreyu. Does ‘The NeverEnding Story’ still stand tall as a pillar of mid-1980s fantasy? Or has time taken its toll on Falkor? (The perpetually stoned flying dragon-dog of your childhood.) The panel discusses all of that and so much more on this episode of Geek Cinema Society! (Oh, and the panel discusses this masterpiece.)

For listeners who would like to follow along and treat Geek Cinema Society as a film club of sorts, we will be watching ‘The Goonies’ next week! Following that, we’ll be watching ‘Captain America: Winter Soldier.’

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